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Making an icon more sustainable

Several sheets of beige wood wool and white polyester filling inside a dark blue POÄNG chair seat cushion.

In an attempt to make the iconic POÄNG chair more sustainable, IKEA has launched a pilot to use wood wool in the cushion instead of foam. Foam is often not biodegradable, and as a part of the commitment to only using renewable and recycled materials by 2030, wood wool can be a small step in the right direction. We spoke to Piotr Jakubiak about replacing a traditional seat.

Creating jobs for more marginalised groups

A smiling young woman is sitting in front of a sewing machine in a factory. A wheelchair stands next to her workstation.

By adding three new large-scale social business partners, IKEA will create more job opportunities for rural and marginalised groups. Two of the partners in Southeast Asia also have a special focus on integrating persons with disabilities in their manufacturing. The collaboration will broaden the range of products produced in a sustainable industrial environment. The first collection VÅRDANDE will launch in June 2022.

Maja on moving away from plastic packaging

A portrait of Maja Kjellberg, packaging development leader at IKEA, sitting in an airy office environment.

Plastic is one of the most popular packaging materials in the world. But single-use plastic packaging can, in the worst case, end up as waste that pollutes our environment and is not recycled as much compared to paper packaging. That is why IKEA has decided to phase out plastic from consumer packaging by 2028. We talked to Maja and Tommi about material innovation, replacing plastics and how coconut husk, beer brewing by-products or shellfish industry waste might hold the answer to more sustainable packaging.

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